I bring a broad, varied background to my clients’ business affairs. I graduated from the University of British Columbia law school in 1987, started articles in 1987, and was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1988. I articled and practised with a mid-size downtown Vancouver law firm in the early stages of my career, practising in the areas of public securities, corporate, commercial, real estate, commercial litigation, computer, immigration, and intellectual property law. From late 1989 to 1991, I lived in Hong Kong working with an international business group involved in various commercial ventures and transactions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

In 1992, I established a practice in Vancouver as an independent business lawyer. Since 1994, I joined with other colleagues to establish a focused business boutique law firm under the name Kerr Redekop Leinburd & Boswell, recently changed to Kerr Redekop Leinburd.

I graduated with a B.A. (English) from the University of Manitoba in 1978, studied in the Masters of Communications Program at Boston University in 1980, and obtained my law degree from the University of British Columbia in 1987. I have travelled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, and Asia.

I have served on the Vancouver Talmud Torah Association board of directors since 2007 having a passion for working to improve the quality of childrens’ education in our community.


Sorèl's insight into intellectual property law is invaluable. I recommend his services to anyone who wants their IP legal work done once and done right.

John Barber

President of Barber Media Inc.
Whistler, BC

For over a decade, Sorèl has enabled us to grow with absolute minimum risk. Being highly responsive to our needs he is the next best thing to in-house counsel.

Catherine Andersz

PDFTron Systems Inc.
Vancouver, BC

I enthusiastically recommend Sorèl. His broad base of knowledge and ability to provide multiple legal perspectives is invaluable.

Dr. Kristina Sharma

Kristina Sharma, MD Inc.
Prince George, BC

For artists, to be treated as an intelligent and worthwhile client is a gift beyond service. Sorèl is thorough, professional, patient and kind, I highly recommend him.

Mary-Ann Liu

Vancouver, BC



With so many law firms to choose from it can be difficult to find a lawyer you can trust to get the job done correctly with effective solutions to maximize opportunity and decrease risk. Selecting the right lawyer for the job is one of the most important decisions you will make for yourself and your business. So why choose us?

  1. Prompt Service: We are exceedingly efficient at responding to client emails, correspondence, and telephone calls. The vast majority of all such communications will, at a minimum, be acknowledged within a few hours, and usually on the same day. Without question, you will have an acknowledgement of our receipt of your communications within 24 hours.
  2. Know Thy Client: We take the time to understand a client’s business. We like to visit our clients’ business premises, and learn as much as we can about their industry sector. Doing so lets us provide you with more effective advice.
  3. Strategic Advice: Strategic and tactical counsel. Start with the preferred outcome and work back from there. Should you have a simple or complex company structure? What do you gain and what do you lose? What steps can you take at the outset of starting your business to make it more attractive for buyers years down the road when you’re ready to exit and minimize the risks of unexpected surprises that can kill a deal? When is it not worth starting a court claim, and when is it imperative to start court proceedings to protect your rights? Insight comes with experience and we have been doing this more than 25 years.
  4. Focus: We provide focused services in the areas of business, technology, and intellectual property law. Doing so has enabled us to acquire and develop a skill set that has depth and keeps us on the cutting edge. Our focus is our attention to detail, assisting our clients in protecting their businesses and assets.
  5. Meeting Deadlines: Time is always of the essence for our clients. We know you want prompt service and turn-around. We carefully manage our resources to provide clients with turn-around that meets expectations and stated time estimates.
  6. We are Not a Factory: We provide personalized service. You will always know who the lawyer is handling your work.
  7. Value Added: Most of our lawyers are senior practitioners, some of whom have worked in other areas aside from just law, including business experience on a national and international scale. We believe real-world experience enables us to provide hard core, practical, value-added advice to our clients who face real-world circumstances every day.
  8. We are not a Tied House: Law is too complex to effectively advise clients equally well in all areas. When matters arise outside of the areas we practice in, we know who to call. We regularly engage other counsel, in other firms, to assist clients as the need arises, cherry-picking the top talent to fit a client’s needs and the issues at hand with just the right calibration for a given situation. Doing so lets us offer the services of a broad virtual law firm to our clients, with top-notch experienced counsel. The result? Our virtual firm services are comparable to the services offered by large law firms without the constraints of having to charge clients big firm rates for maintaining such a large infrastructure.
  9. Jeans are OK: All right, this isn’t substantive, but lawyers are human too and we like to wear blue jeans in the office. Sure, if there are negotiations involving other parties, business attire prevails. But we thought you might like to know that some lawyers wear jeans too. Rest assured, the casual attire doesn’t adversely affect our ability to think.